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What We Do

Daedalus Systems Engineering Ltd. provides system engineering services for large-scale, complex programs involving technological innovations.  Organizations seeking to transform a concept or operational need into a technological, viable solution depend on us to deliver. Having gone through many complicated and challenging technological projects we have proven methods to comply with budgetary and time constraints. On time and on budget — Daedalus’ track record is impeccable. Our management style is to earn the trust and respect of every member of your team, becoming an ally to engineers, management, and investors in the program, creating synergy to accomplish the goal.  We operate mainly in the aerospace and electro-optical industries. Our core competencies are:

  • Systems Engineering.
  • Development of electro-optic systems.
  • Management of the development of complex products that are incorporated in a wide range of disciplines.

We are also effective with hi-tech business development programs, with a special emphasis on business processes in international markets. We can be very helpful in supporting your efforts in developing strategy, either for a company, or for a specific business line.  We support entrepreneurship in the development of new products, and can help you develop strategy in applying for grants, after having successfully navigated the Chief Scientist Office bureaucracies in several countries.  Organizations seeking to expand their R&D resources have benefitted from our direct experience and deep professional network.


Business Development and Marketing: Taking a three-pronged approach: strategy, sales and relationship management, to pursue opportunities for long-term growth from customers, markets, and relationships. Identify new markets’ requirements, product specifications, strategic planning. Assess opportunities for building respect-based business collaborations. International and strong domestic network, familiar with diverse business cultures. Involved with all aspects of decision making process; proposal submission; working interfaces with technical staff; legal advisors and financial.
Managing Technological Organization: Supervision of personnel across the technical spectrum and a wide variety of complex technological systems. Leading and mentoring scientists, skilled engineers, and technicians in a direct and matrix environment. Initiating and managing unprecedented projects within the organization. Entrepreneurial approach to strategic plans, resource management and control. Crisis management, and decision making under difficult / uncertain conditions.
Managing Large Technological Programs:  Develop intelligence gathering systems in the airborne and spaceborne domains. Negotiate complex contracts with customers and suppliers, lead multidisciplinary teams of experts to achieve anticipated solutions both on time and on budget.
System Engineering: In and out of the box “big think” manager on large, complex projects. Determine technical needs and coordinate with engineers assigned to specific aspects of the project. Using many years of operational experience, determine interdisciplinary, end-to-end solutions, characterizations, and design.  Write specifications and make trade-offs in complex systems.  Develop tests and calibration procedures of electro-optical (EO) products.