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Founder and CEO, Ofer Braun
Daedalus Systems Engineering Ltd.

Ofer-braunOfer Braun has more than 30 years’ of practical, hands-on experience as a systems engineer on large-scale programs in the airborne, 
spaceborne, and electro-optics industries.  He initiated and spearheaded the usage of hyperspectral remote sensing technology in military systems in Israel.  He was the project manager and systems engineer for the first space camera for the State of Israel in the Ofeq program. Ofer initiated, spearheaded, and systems engineered the “Chariots of Fire” system – an airborne hyperspectral imaging camera for the Israel Ministry of Defense.  He also consulted for the Israeli Ministry of Defense for more than 10 years in developing electro-optical systems.  He is a four-time winner of Chief Scientist budget for Product and Infrastructure Development in Israel.

In 1995 Ofer created Bar-Kal Systems Engineering, the leading company in Israel dealing with the development of hyperspectral remote sensing technology.  In 2008 Elbit Systems acquired the company and merged it into its electro-optical division.

Internationally Oferwas the architect of the “Shalom” project, a cooperative business development project in the space and hyperspectral sector between the Israeli and Italian space agencies for the development 
of hyperspectral satellites. He led a consortium of international companies in the development of a space computerization system. Under Ofer’s guidance that consortium was awarded a research budget for the project from the FP7 (European R&D Program).