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When you are confronted with the most challenging technical endeavor

Ofeq is the designation of a series of Israeli reconnaissance satellites first launched in 1988. At the time, the Ofeq program was the most challenging technical endeavor the industryfaced. 


The development of the camera system was job number one.  The team was faced with novel issues none of the experts in this country had dealt with before.  The technical performance required for this camera was complicated forits class of weight and power. The retrograde orbit of the Ofeq satellites, launching westward, enforced unprecedented weight constraints over the whole satellite.

Ofer participated in this program from the beginning.  He served as a liaison officer responsible for importing the required technology. Upon returning from abroad, he became the program manager and later was promoted to product line manager for space systems. He had management responsibilities over a multidisciplinary team of experts

Leading this program to success involved  great technical ingenuity and profound technological understanding. New methods were invented to enable the assembly and measurement of subsystems,as well as the system as a whole. Innovative engineering procedures were designed to support manufacturing and assembling.  Ofer led and was deeply involved with engineeringthese systems.  These methods and procedures lay the foundations for Israel’s current space programs.


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Hyperspectral sensors give the military an ability to identify material remotely, a valuable advantage.  Ofer was the pioneer who envisioned and articulated the possibilities of hyperspectral for defense purposes and pushed for the intiation of a research program in Israel.2

Ofer designed a multi-year research plan, and led the development of an airborne hyperspectral laboratory. He directed related activities with several universities and industry entities. These activities helped define a new Israeli airborne hyperspectral system.  

Hyperspectral sensors collect information as a set of ‘images.’ Each image represents a range of the electromagnetic spectrum. An image is also known as a spectral band. These ‘images’ are combined to form a three-dimensional hyperspectral data cube suitable for processing and analysis. Each pixel in the image represents a spectra vector, which is the reflection coming from the material found in the pixel footprint. The interaction between light and matter is such that, depending on the chemistry and structure of the material, part of the light is absorbed in the 


material and the rest is reflected back. It is possible to detect the part of the light absorbed in the material to identify that material using mathematical analysis. The ability to identify material remotely is highly valuable for military usage.

Defining the specifications tocreate Israel’s hyperspectral system, and later directing and managing the development effort of the programwas the height of Ofer’s activites in the field.  Analyzing and understanding user requirements coupled with a mastery of the technological limitations enabled the definition and development of one of the most advanced systems in the world today.


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For more than 10years, Oferconsulted to IMOD (Israel Ministry of Defense), and was involved inalmost every optical and electro-optical program in the Israeli defense arena. Among these programs were Hand-Held FLIR, Long Range Oblique Photography, and  Strategic Airborne Payload.Part of the responsibilities in this capacity were developing product specifications, program statement of work, validating work plans of programs, participating in design reviews, making trade-off decisions.

  • Initiated and supported hyperspectral technology research
  • Coordinated work among several university and industrial entities
  • Developed a multi-year plan directing all activities in the hyperspectral research program
  • Designed the specification for airborne hyperspectral systems, including data analysis workstations, which was later developed and delivered
  • Participated in hyperspectral research and conducted many failed campaigns to validate interpretation capabilities
  • Developed operational concepts and research methods
  • Provided system engineering services and managed the development of the airborne laboratory, which was later used in field campaigns
  • Developed calibration methods and set-up for hyperspectral systems and performed such calibrations for several entities


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In 1988 the Israel Space Agency (ISA) selected the Tel Aviv University Ultraviolet Explorer (TAUVEX) as its first priority scientific payload. It is a space telescope for the exploration of the ultraviolet (UV) sky.4

As program manager Ofer was responsible for developing Elop’s response for the TAUVEX instrument. He led a multidisciplinary team in a highly stressful working environment to design and develop the instrument. He was responsible for systems engineering activitiesas well as for commercially managing the program.Ofer oversawbudgets and schedules with government clients and many suppliers in Israel and worldwide.  He negotiated commercial contracts with key subcontractors outside Israel. He was the lead customer-facing negotiator to optimize all details, including costs and scope of work of programs. He negotiated specification with the SRG program technical leaders

The instrumentwas originally slated to fly on the Spektr-RGinternational observatory as part of a collaboration of a number of countries, with the Soviet Union’s Space Research Instituteas lead.


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