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Cohesive whole made from many aspects:  Systems Engineering for complex programs. Cohesive whole made from many aspects:  Systems Engineering for complex programs. Leverage our connections and experience to enhance your team.

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Apr 28 2014 4988

Are CubeSats suitable for remote sensing?

Business Model.CubeSat.Remote Sensing

In the last few years CubeSats have become very popular. With the recent launch of some 33 CubeSats from the International Space Station by Planet Labs in a commercial rem

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Mar 3 2014 2756

Deployable Telescopes Make Microsatellites Work for EO

Deployable telescope.Microsatellites.New concepts.Spaceborne cameras

The cost of imagery from space is, you’ll pardon the expression, sky high.  Microsatellites are a good way to produce more images and

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    Only a lucky handful of artists, and an über-wealthy Japanese billionaire, will take a trip on a rocketship to the moon with SpaceX. But don't worry;, the moonshot won't just be televised; You'll get to experience it from Earth in virtual reality.